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Monthly Fargo Board Game Nights!

Game Nights Currently on hold until further notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What games are we playing?
A: A large selection of board games will be available to play at the event, or you can bring your own. No games with satanic, demonic, or magical themes, no risque/adult games. We reserve the right to restrict any games.


Q: Is there food?

A: If you bring it! There is not food provided at the event, but everyone is welcome to bring snacks or food for themselves or to share with the group.


Q: How long can we play?

The event ends at 10:00 PM. Because it is hosted on the campus of Master's Baptist College, please be prompt to clean up after yourself and "close up shop" by 10:00.

Please be respectful to everyone and use clean language.

Contact Information:
Joshua Lindsey    701-781-3345 (Text or call)

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