Monthly Fargo Board Game Nights!

When? On the 2nd to the last Saturday each month at 6:00 PM

Where? In the Gymnasium at Master's Baptist College, 3301 23rd Ave S. in Fargo

Who? Everyone is welcome!

No Board Game Night December 2019! Join us again Saturday, January 18, 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What games are we playing?
A: A large selection of board games will be available to play at the event, or you can bring your own. No games with satanic, demonic, or magical themes, no risque/adult games. We reserve the right to restrict any games.


Q: Is there food?

A: If you bring it! There is not food provided at the event, but everyone is welcome to bring snacks or food for themselves or to share with the group.


Q: How long can we play?

The event ends at 10:00 PM. Because it is hosted on the campus of Master's Baptist College, please be prompt to clean up after yourself and "close up shop" by 10:00.

Please be respectful to everyone and use clean language.

Contact Information:
Joshua Lindsey    701-781-3345 (Text or call)