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Phase II (b) 27 September 2020

Our goal is still to safely get all church members back to church safely. We don’t believe we have to accept mutually exclusive ideas that we either stay home and live or move forward in work, church, etc… and succumb to COVID19. Church is essential!

Our response plan, from the beginning, strives to safely move us forward as a church and with the ability to minimize legal and reputational risks. We are thankful we have been able to limit and defer much of our risk with the measures we’ve taken, including outdoor services. But Fall is here.

Though COVID cases/rates in our area are not as favorable as we’d like to see them before moving to Phase II (b), we believe as we adhere to our/this COVID response plan we can continue to limit risks to our church (health, legal and reputational). We are aware, however, that inherently risk increases as we move indoors.

Our primary concern, of course, is our senior saints and those with underlying health conditions.

As a church that cares about our most vulnerable, as we begin all services indoors please continue in the following practices:

- Please sit in Reserved zones (so we can manage social distancing and quickly contact folks, by zone, if someone tests positive)

- Please use the entrance with most direct route to your Reserved zone

- Please don’t congregate in the halls/bldg

- Increase your space between others who don’t live with you (Social distance = 6 ft) even while seated

- Please wear masks while entering and exiting (or unless seated)

- Avoid handshaking or hugging


We’re moving all weekly services inside as of 27 September.

Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitization of Facility.

The West Wing is a “mask only” environment, for all services, set aside for the vulnerable population and/or those who desire a higher level or protection than the auditorium affords us. We will keep this area sanitized and equipped with masks and hand sanitizer. The West Wing bathrooms are only to be used by those attending services in the West Wing.

The Sunday morning 0900 service will revert back to 0930 and remains a Mask Only service.

Those participating in the 0930 West Wing service are encouraged to remain in the West Wing for the 1030 service. Your cooperation will enable us to maintain safe distances on this traditionally well attended “higher density” service. Note: We continue to encourage those with seriously compromised immune systems to remain home for a bit. Livestreaming will continue for all services.

Pastors are highly recommending the use of masks indoors and in the auditorium unless seated as we resume all services indoors.

Also see the accompanying slides.

Download PD • 3.11MB

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