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Updated Response to COVID-19 (July 2)

As you know, our goal is to safely get all church members back to church in one assembly/in the auditorium.  We are monitoring COVID cases locally to know when this will be possible and we can move to Phase II (b). 

As a reminder - for the sake of the most vulnerable and/or those over 60 - please continue in these things:

- Use the entrance with most direct route to your Reserved zone

- Don’t congregate in the halls/bldg

- Increase your space between others who don’t live with you (Social distance = 6 ft)

- Consider wearing masks while entering and exiting (when up and moving around)

- Avoid handshaking or hugging

- Sit in Reserved zones (so we can manage social distancing and quickly contact folks, by zone, if someone tests positive)

As an interim step, prior to moving to Phase II(b), in order to provide an opportunity for more of our folk to come back to church, the following tweaks to our Phase I(a) plan will be effective immediately.  We hope it helps. :)

The West Wing is now considered a “mask only” environment set aside for those who are of the vulnerable population.  E.g. those over 60 and those with underlying health conditions at any age   We will keep this room sanitized and equipped with masks and hand sanitizer.  The West Wing bathrooms are only to be used by those attending services in the West Wing.

During the 9:00am Sunday service, only those with masks may enter the West Wing.  To date, we have asked that those over 60 and healthy limit their exposure to others at church by only attending the Sunday morning service.  Going forward, those over 60 and healthy may continue to attend this service if they wear a mask.  They may also opt to attend the Sunday 10:30am service instead of or in addition to the 9:00am service, at their discretion and risk. 

We continue to ask that those with underlying health conditions limit their exposure to others at church by only attending the “mask only” 9:00am Sunday service. 

The West Wing will go unused for all other services, with the exception of the 10:30 service to accommodate parents with small children if/when during the 10:30 service their child(ren) get too restless (and noisy) in the balcony.   

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