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We believe that strong families happen ‘on purpose’ as a result of proactive spouses and parents who are determined to make their home a wholesome one.  We want to help with that process.  The classes and activities at Fargo Baptist are designed to reinforce the home in the midst of an anti-family society.  We want your marriage and family to enjoy life-long relationships.  Join us as we discover God’s plan for a happy home.  Besides ongoing teaching on family matters, we offer yearly ‘Family Life Seminars’ and also family get-togethers.  Our ‘Moms and More’ ladies meet monthly.

Teens & Children

Everywhere you turn you see kids at Fargo Baptist.  Our church is a great place for your children to connect with Christian kids their age.  We have special classes for teens and pre-teens every Sunday morning at 9:30.  Many young people today are wondering: what is my purpose in life? how can I develop character? is this certain form of entertainment acceptable? what is a family? can a marriage really be happy? what is real love? is the Bible really God’s Word? and why was I created?  In a world of lies we seek to instruct kids about the truth our Creator gave us in His Word.  Together kids find answers for the question and problems young people experience in life.  

Some people think Christians can’t have fun.  Actually we have more fun than anyone else!  The difference is that Christians don’t need to be trashy in order to have fun.  Real fun comes with a clean conscience afterwards and good memories of hilarious moments and awesome friendships.  Our church kids enjoy summer camps, ball games, ski trips, lake outings, amusement parks and a host of other things including civic-minded help with volunteering.  Real friendships are developed without having to “pretend to be someone so that people will accept you.”  All that matters is what God thinks of you.  

Childhood years can be confusing, difficult and challenging!  But they can also be awesome.  Through weekly children’s classes, monthly activities, and yearly outings, the children at FBC are challenged and equipped to live for God during their youth and into their adult life.

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